Winter '08 - '09
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Winter 2008 - 2009

Photos taken in November and December 2008.  Click each thumbnail to view a larger image.


Crystal took Rachel to lunch.

Skip and Giles

Skip was in California for business and hooked up with high school classmate Giles for dinner.

Rachel climbs the slide at Bounce U.

A little higher up...

Rachel at the top of the slide.

Obstacle course at Bounce U.

Crystal helps Rachel shoot hoops.

Trey and Zachary 'boxing'


The gloves were so big they could hardly lift them - let alone throw a punch...

Dinner with the Jensens at Zehnder's

Our family friends, Joel, Christy and their daughter Emily are moving out of state. We met them for a farewell dinner at a local landmark.

With the Zehnder's mascot.

After dinner shopping at Bronner's.

They bill themselves as the world's largest Christmas store.

Another photo op at Bronner's

Dipping cookies in chocolate

Buckeye cookie assembly line

Lauren concentrates

Rachel loves Daddy

Jesse and her friend Kylie at the regional orchestra competition.

Jesse concentrates during her performance


Medals earned

Rachel in our dining room

Trey head to toe in Paul Pierce gear

Trey as Paul Pierce

This shows how big he is getting...

Rachel sledding in our backyard


Jesse and Rachel


Rachel drives on Xbox

She had a little too much fun... we need to make sure she doesn't try it in a real car.

Skip and Rachel heading off to an Oakland U. basketball game

Wishful Thinking at Bass Pro Shop...

Wishful Thinking at Bass Pro Shop...

Wishful Thinking at Bass Pro Shop...

Oakland U. vs Michigan State at the Palace

Snowboarding in our backyard.

Snowboarding in our backyard.