Fall 2008
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Fall Activities 2008

These photos were taken around Michigan during September and October of 2008.

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Lauren dressed for the first day of 8th grade.

Lauren at the bus stop with our neighbor Lauryn.

Jesse dressed for the first day of 7th grade.


Trey ready to go to the first day of 1st grade.

Zachary also started his 'Young Fives' class that day.

Zach is ready to go.

Rachel accompanied everyone to the bus stop.

Bus stop.

Bus stop.

Rachel and Dad see Trey off on the bus.

Zach at school.

Zach at his locker.

Zach and his friend Keegan.

The boys dressed to go to their Flag Football games.

Rachel cheers from the stands.

The games are early on Saturday mornings.

Princesses Jesse and Rachel.

Lauren's 13th birthday.

Lauren opens presents.

Lauren opens presents.

Rachel had her facepainted at the school carnival.

So did Jesse...

And Trey...

Lauren ran Cross Country for her Jr. High school this fall.

Zach at Flag Football.

Trey heads for a touchdown.

Rachel's Halloween costume.

Off to trick or treat at the 'Friendly Forest'.

Jesse's Halloween costume - Goth Princess.

Sam, Haley and Jesse enroute to a Halloween party -with boys...

Hayride to pick out pumpkins.

Jesse and Rachel.





Jesse, our Nanny Crystal, and Rachel

Keegan and Zachary.

Boys N The Hood

Sean, Trey, Chase, Jaiden, Keegan, and Zachary in our front yard.

Zachary and Crystal.

Jesse and Crystal.